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why we are clean skincare only

Keeping fragrances to a minimum and using the cleanest products and ingredients has been the chore of how the family behind Boë lives. The wife of the founder suffers from Rosacea, multiple allergies, is Multi Chemical Sensitive (MCS), and has sensitive skin. She’s always struggled to find products that she could use. So he decided he wanted to give them to her. Boë Beauté was thus founded. A clean skincare company with the cleanest possible products, of highest quality, produced in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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    boe no.1 tan drops

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    morning & night


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    no. tan water

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    repair & tan



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    morning & night


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    boe no4 tan maximizer

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    protect & tan




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No.12 and No.13 are high quality creams acting both as facial moisturizers, sunscreen – and No.13, a self tanner. They’re easily spread and doesn’t give you a greasy, clogged feeling, nor leaves any cast or fluff. They’re non-comedogenic, mineral sunscreens and protect from damaging UV-lights (both UVA & UVB). They’re without endocrine disruptors, meaning they’re safe to…

1 × NO. 12
No.12 is a face cream with SPF30 protection. It hydrates and is easily spread, protects your skin from damaging UV-rays (both UVA & UVB), photoaging and reduces skin irritations. No.12’s a mineral sunscreen, fastly absorbed, and doesn’t leave white cast nor fluff on your skin. No. 12 hydrates your skin without greasing or leaving any oily residue, it’s non-comedogenic and free of endocrine disruptors. It has no adverse effects on the environment!
1 × NO. 13
No.13 is a moisturizing face cream, sunscreen and self tanner. It’s a mineral sunscreen, shielding from damaging UV-rays (UVA & UVB), photoaging and skin irritations. The self tanning part gives you a natural looking, golden glow. No.13’s easily spread, fastly absorbed, and doesn’t leave white cast nor fluff, giving your skin a velvety finish, without greasing. It’s non-comedogenic, free of endocrine disruptors, fragrances, and allergens – safe to use while being pregnant and breastfeeding. – It has no adverse effects on the environment!
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why we favor simplicity

We have made it our mission, to offer you the best and gentlest products for your skin. One of the ways to do it, is to stay fragrance free where you can. This counts for natural as well as chemical fragrances. We want to deliver you the best, most simple skincare products. Products that take care and nourishes your skin – without overdoing it. All the ingredients in our products have been scrutinized and weighed in relation to each other. To make sure they take care of your skin, and work together in the most well-balanced way. We develop well balanced products because it’s better for your skin and for you. A specific high percentage of an ingredient doesn’t tell the full story of the quality of a product – how well balanced it is; does!

we’re made for sensitive skin

– and wants you to build up your skin from within, giving you a hydrated, plump, glowy and healthy-looking skin, in a long-term perspective.

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why we are

Boë initially started out as a clean self-tan company, founded because my mother Louise, is suffering from Rosacea, allergic to (natural & chemical) fragrances, Multi Chemical Sensitive (MCS), and has sensitive skin. One of my brothers and myself also suffers from Rosacea, sensitive skin, and allergies. Starting with Louise, and the rest of us following, we’ve always been particular in which products we used, and which ingredients we’ve applied. Keeping fragrances to a minimum has been the chore of how we’ve lived. We as family has always been an outdoor family, but a sensitive skin and allergies does not always allow that to the fullest.

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