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SKU: BBP0011
FACE CREAM WITH/without SELF TANyou save €5
1 × NO. 8
Do you see a moisturizer as a pivotal part of your skincare routine, to give your skin moisture and resistance throughout the day? Then this face cream might be the one to help lock in all the active ingredients you’ve applied. It’s ideal for all skin types, ages, and concerns. It’s a smooth, hydrating, and soft, easily spreadable cream that’s formulated to regenerate your skin. It also protects from damaging UV-rays, photoaging and reduces skin irritations. No.8 is fitted for sensitive skin, and is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t cause breakouts or block your pores. The skin’s easily absorbing the cream, leaving a well-hydrated and breathable feel for hours, no oily residue or feeling of a clogged skin. Recommended replenishment frequency: 45 days
1 × NO. 9
Have you been searching for a moisturizing self tan cream, solely made for the face? That’ll provide you with hydration, a natural summer tan, nourishing ingredients and acts as a regular face cream? Then perhaps No.9 will be highly ranked by you, as your every other day moisturizer. It’s a face cream with self tan made for sensitive skin. It acts like your regular moisturizer; nourishing, hydrating, rich, and protecting. We’ve handpicked the ingredients and deliberately adjusted them, so it provides you with an even natural and long lasting tan. No.9 is easy to apply and leaves your skin with a silky touch and smoothness; without oily residue. All of this while regenerating your skin at the same time, and without clogging your pores, meaning it’s non-comedogenic. Recommended replenishment frequency: 45 days

Both No.8 & No.9 are ideal no matter the skin type, age, gender, or concern. They’re gentle and hydrating creams that are regenerating your skin and giving it a smooth and moisturized feel (and No.9, tan). The ingredients in both No.8 & No.9’s formula have been handpicked so they protect your skin from damaging ultraviolet (UV) lights and are particularly adapted to sensitive skin. They help to retain the elasticity of the skin and are well adapted for anti-aging and the moisturizing processes, besides protecting from photoaging and skin irritations.

Both products are free of endocrine disruptors and non-comedogenic.

Product Details

for a beautiful skin

Good for: Sensitive skin, hydration, and moisture, relieve of blue light stress and anti-ageing, stimulation of cell vitality, tissue repairing, cell renewal, and dull/tired skin

Feels like: Soft, glossy, hydrating, and easy to control

Smells like: Nothing – it’s fragrance free! If you experience a scent, it’s the scent of the clean ingredients – and/or your skin working with it – demonstrating the cleanness of the product

FYI: All our ingredients are free of endocrine disruptors, non-comedogenic, and paraben, cruelty, and allergen free. The ingredients are deliberately chosen to be as gentle and lower the risk for an irritation or contact allergy, as much as possible. So, even though most ingredients are, a few are non-vegan because many plant-derived ingredients, or plants themselves, can cause irritation or contact allergy. We want to avoid this, and substitute with smarter solutions. We control the quality of the content, and make sure that the products are as clean as possible – so you won’t experience any unintentional allergic reactions.