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SKU: BBB0022
Anti-inflammatory and soothing serum30ml

No.22 Anti-Acne Serum will help your skin regain control and prevent unwanted breakouts, and contains wintergreen oil (100% natural alternative to salicylic acid). It’s a gentle and effective serum, that’ll reduce pores, breakouts, and dark spots. No.22 is made for all skin types and -concerns, and is also calming and well for sensitive, irritated, and itchy skin. While it clears your skin it brings moisture, plumpness, and glow; repairing the broken moisture barrier.

Product Details

easy skin for life

Good for: Decreasing and preventing unwanted breakouts. Minimize pores, black- and whiteheads. A calm and healthy skin.

Feels like: A dewy, well-balanced serum that’s easy to control. It won’t run, but is still easily spread.

Smells like: Nothing – it’s fragrance and odor free!

FYI: All our ingredients are free of endocrine disruptors, it’s non-comedogenic and paraben, cruelty, and allergen free. The ingredients are deliberately chosen to be as gentle and lower the risk for an irritation or contact allergy, as much as possible. So, even though most ingredients are, a few are non-vegan because many plant-derived ingredients, or plants themselves, can cause irritation or contact allergy. We want to avoid this, and substitute with smarter solutions. We control the quality of the content, and make sure that the products are as clean as possible – so you won’t experience any unintentional allergic reactions.