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Tan Water & After Sun with Self TanYOU SAVE €9
1 × NO. 2
Are you looking for an easy, natural looking, golden glow? Then perhaps the No.2 Tan Water will be the solution for you. In just 2 hours the translucent water develops into a sun kissed looking tan. You simply spray a few pumps of the fragrance and odor free tan water onto your skin, and allocate with your hands to receive an even result. You’ll get a hydrated skin and healthy looking glow, no clogged pores or breakouts. You can use the No.2 Tan Water to impart a burst of radiance and quench thirsty skin, as it’s giving your skin a velvety look. You can shortly after application put on makeup or your white shirt, but you can also let it stand on its own if you want, letting it serve a healthy summer-bare-skin-look. No.2 is clean, fragrance free and made for sensitive skin as default. Recommended replenishment frequency: 30 days
2 × NO. 4
If you’re always stressing about getting a tan and keeping it for as long as possible; then we think this product will be your new go-to. Take the stress out of tanning on your vacation with the No.4 After-Sun Lotion with self tan. This after-sun lotion helps you tan faster, deeper and keeps the tan longer. It’s a pre, during and after tanning product, that gives your skin a golden, illuminating glow, silky look and feel, hydrated, and converts redness from too much sun exposure, to a soft radiant, deeper, natural tan color. All of this in just a few hours. - A pro tip if you really want that extra deep tan: then we suggest you also use it before your vacation/sunnier days, prepping your skin for the sun, getting an even deeper tan. - And if you wish to maintain your vacation tan: it helps to keep your skin soft, smooth and naturally deeply tanned for longer. With No.4 you tan faster, gentler and keep your vacation tan for longer. - and it's safe to use on both face and body.  Recommended replenishment frequency: Lasts for 10 days of daily full-body usage

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