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1 × NO. 1
If you love your moisturizer/lotion and want to stick with it, don’t want to over complicate your routines; but still want a golden glow? Then the No.1 Tan Drops might be it for you. With No.1 you can get an all-year natural tan, while using your favorite moisturizer (or alone if that’s preferred). Simply add a few golden fragrance-free drops to the moisturizer in your palm/on top of your hand, mix it, and apply to your skin and distribute evenly with your hands, like you would with your moisturizer. The Tan Drops themselves are clean, fragrance free and made for a sensitive skin as a default.   The tan is deep, and they’re easy to use. The color is natural and gives you a golden glowy look. It’s gentle and very efficient at the same time. Recommended replenishment frequency: 45 days
1 × NO. 2
Are you looking for an easy, natural looking, golden glow? Then perhaps the No.2 Tan Water will be the solution for you. In just 2 hours the translucent water develops into a sun kissed looking tan. You simply spray a few pumps of the fragrance and odor free tan water onto your skin, and allocate with your hands to receive an even result. You’ll get a hydrated skin and healthy looking glow, no clogged pores or breakouts. You can use the No.2 Tan Water to impart a burst of radiance and quench thirsty skin, as it’s giving your skin a velvety look. You can shortly after application put on makeup or your white shirt, but you can also let it stand on its own if you want, letting it serve a healthy summer-bare-skin-look. No.2 is clean, fragrance free and made for sensitive skin as default. Recommended replenishment frequency: 30 days
1 × NO. 4
If you’re always stressing about getting a tan and keeping it for as long as possible; then we think this product will be your new go-to. Take the stress out of tanning on your vacation with the No.4 After-Sun Lotion with self tan. This after-sun lotion helps you tan faster, deeper and keeps the tan longer. It’s a pre, during and after tanning product, that gives your skin a golden, illuminating glow, silky look and feel, hydrated, and converts redness from too much sun exposure, to a soft radiant, deeper, natural tan color. All of this in just a few hours. - A pro tip if you really want that extra deep tan: then we suggest you also use it before your vacation/sunnier days, prepping your skin for the sun, getting an even deeper tan. - And if you wish to maintain your vacation tan: it helps to keep your skin soft, smooth and naturally deeply tanned for longer. With No.4 you tan faster, gentler and keep your vacation tan for longer. - and it's safe to use on both face and body.  Recommended replenishment frequency: Lasts for 10 days of daily full-body usage

No.1: Get a gorgeous golden glow while using your favourite moisturiser. Simply add a few fragrance-free No.1 Tan Drops to your moisturiser and rub together in your hands before applying to skin. An instant complexion booster!

2 drops per body part: Radiance

4 drops per body part: Sunkissed

6 drops per body part: Golden


No.2: Get a gorgeous golden glow with our translucent, fragrance-free No.2 Tan Water. A few sprays creates a beautiful mist that gives skin an instantly hydrated, healthy glow. Tan Water No.2 creates a deep golden glow. This quick-drying, fragrance-free and translucent spray is easily applied and develops into a golden tan in just 2-3 hours. Tan and go!


No.4: Take the stress out of tanning on your vacation with After Sun & Self Tan Lotion No.4. This fragrance-free 3-in-1 after-sun lotion helps you tan faster, more gentle and keep your vacation tan for longer. Made with nourishing apricot oil (high in Vitamin E), it will keep your skin smooth and youthful looking. It contains the wonder ingredient Tosolin which optimises the production of melanin, reduces the penetration of harmful UVA and increases collagen renewal – meaning no nasty sun wrinkles!
Apply once a day for four to seven days before your vacation, continue on vacation and for seven days after. The smarter, healthier way to tan (especially for those with sensitive skin). Take the sun home with you!

All products are full size and convenient to travel. Tan and go!

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