The middle of August equals back to work for the most of us. This is most likely the end of vacation, long days of tanning, swimming, eating out and long nights with drinks, friends and family. But it does not equal the end of the hot weather. August is in many countries the hottest month of the year, which means you most likely would love to be able to tan and prolong the tan that you have been building during the summer. Instead, you are like most of us, probably back to work, bound to sit at a desk and slowly lose your tan.
We want you to keep shining and have the happi- and pleasantness throughout the whole year, that you receive during the summer months, when you have a tan. And this is why we want to help you, on how to make your summer tan long lasting.

How Long Does Self Tan Last?

First, a genius tip from Boë

… is to use the No.4 Tan Maximizer – After Sun & Self Tan when you are/have been sunbathing. By applying the No.4, your skin is ready for the sun rays. Getting too red is not a problem, since the No.4 will help relieving the pain and reducing the redness. Your tan will be deeper, stronger and will stay for a longer time. The No.4 does furthermore smoothen and soften your skin while providing it with elasticity.

“I never really thought I needed much protection from UV-beams because of my higher level of melanin, but after two days’ vacation in strong sunlight, I realised I needed something to protect my skin without the risk of losing my new, warm tan. Boë No.4 is perfect for a person like me; it made my skin soft and shiny, and my tan lasted long after I came back from my vacation.”

Second: How Long Will Self Tan Last?

You got to hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized to make your summer tan long lasting. A moisturized skin before, during and most of all after you are tanning, is crucial for keeping your tan. Hydrate your skin before it looks dry. Once the skin is looking dry, the harm is already done. An amazing alternative to hydrate your skin while still gaining and continuing to have a natural golden color, is by applying the No.3 Tan Lotion. This product is a quick-drying, easy to use self tan lotion that aids you with a wonderful golden glow, while it still hydrates your skin. The No. 3 is a non toxic tanning lotion, full of Vitamin E, apricot oil and anti-aging unsaturated fatty acids, that your skin is loving. No.3 is also, like all of our products, an amazing self tanning lotion for sensitive skin. And you do not have to buy separate products for the face and body. All of Boë’s products is applicable for both face and body.

In continuation of the aforementioned

… if you have a favourite lotion and moisturizer, that you cannot live without, but equally want to maintain your summer tan and stretch it into the fall, Boë can help you with that. Our No.1 Tan Drops, are small golden drops that you can mix with a lotion or moisturizer of your choice. They will develop into a golden tan, while your moisturizer still does its work on you.
If your favourite moisturizer or lotion is fragranced, Boë will not affect the smell. The No.1 Tan Drops are ideal for sensitive skin, since they are gentle and does not fill your skin with bad chemicals. All of our products are free from scents, perfume, fragrance and self-tan smell. Choosing to wear perfume or go completely odor free? Boë will not affect that either.

How Often Should I Apply Self Tan?

Use your Boë-products every or every other day. We, at Boë, favor a constant glow and tan. We want to use less than more, more frequently, rather than being very tanned one day and pale five days after. When you are applying Boë frequently, you will develop a natural looking tan, and you will have a constant glow. By having and doing this, your tan will look and feel like a natural part of you. Since Boë’s products are activating your melanin, it is your tan. This means that your tan will follow your natural color, and it will never look unnatural or overdone like a spray tan,, if you apply less frequently.

“… it does not overdo it like a spray tan often does! So my “tan” never looks fake or orange, I am just left with a healthy and tinted glow that I adore!”

How To Make a Natural Summer Tan Last Longer?

Your face and hands will typically fade faster than the rest of your body, due to constant exposure and i.e., cleaning of your face, etc. Especially the hands are a tricker of ‘exposing’ your paleness. If you want to make your summer tan long lasting and keep it natural looking, you may not forget your hands! Many forget to match your hands’ color with the face’s, which can create awkward situations and you can feel less comfortable. Furthermore, will your prolonged summer tan, not seem so summer tan anymore.. This is why, we recommend you to always apply a bit of self tan on the back of your hands and lubricate it around the backside of and between your fingers as well, after you have washed your palms. Do not wash your hands after you have applied to the top of your hands. It is just important that you are not lubricating it into your palms as well.
If you use this trick, there will be no difference between your hands and face to be detected.
Your summer tan will be prolonged, while you are looking naturally tanned.

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