A big part of being successful in how to apply self tanners to your feet, is in the preparation and the application. By ensuring that you do the correct application and preparation, you will achieve a perfectly bronzed tan. And furthermore, you will also keep your skin hydrated and protected.

In the following we’re presenting different steps we find important, in how tu successfully self tan your feet.


Making sure you properly exfoliate before applying a self tanning product is so important. Your feet tend to hold on to more dead skin than the rest of your body. This is mainly because we often forget to give them the same love and care as the other parts of our body. Use exfoliating gloves to scrub off any dead or old skin found on your feet. This will ensure that your self-tanning product will cover evenly.


Properly moisturized skin will be much more receptive to a self tanning lotion than dry, flaky skin. Even if the self tanning product you choose is a good moisturizer, you still need to give your skin the head start with a light, hydrating cream. Your feet, especially your heels and ankles, might need a thicker moisturizer than the rest of your body. Dry skin sucks up more of the self tan so any areas that are drier than the rest of your body, will turn out darker.

Blend well

In some cases, it is better to blend the self-tanning cream down from your legs rather than applying it directly onto your feet. This prevents you from applying too much product to your feet.

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Cover all the spots

It is easy to forget to add tanning lotion between your toes. Just gently glide the product between your toes, without applying too much cream. The product won’t naturally reach down to those places, so you have to ensure you do it yourself. Another trick how to self tan your feet, is to use a used brush-up, that will distribute the self tan evenly.

Wear sunscreen

Just because you now have beautifully bronzed feet does not mean your feet can’t still get burnt in the sun. Feet are one of the most sunburn-prone places on the body – typically because we forget to apply sunscreen. Apply sunscreen every time you venture out into the sun. Not only will it save your feet from becoming sunburned, but it will help the fake tan last longer as well.

Scrub off old tan

From time to time, you will have to scrub off all traces of the old tan before starting on a new. But we guess you know… The combination exfoliate, moisturize, start from above, potentially supplement with a light spray-push form Tan Water No.2. And then close the routine using a used brush-up – will give you delicious naturally tanned feet. When it becomes a routine – it will be easy and done in seconds.

Perfectly Bronzed Feet

Your feet deserve to look just as summer-kissed as the rest of your body. So often we forget about our little feet. Give them the love they deserve and bronze them to perfection with a great self tanner. I hope our ‘How To Self Tan Feet’ will help you and reward you and your feet! :)

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