Thinking of using some self tanner to get a safe and healthy glow for the season and wondering, “should I moisturize before self tanning?” Well, it’s a great question, and in this brief but informative article, we’ll talk about this in detail. However, just to answer the question right away:

for many it’s a yes to the question; should you moisturize before self-tanning. Many areas of the body such as the hands, feet, elbows, and knees, have drier and thicker skin. These areas develop and hold onto self tanners more easily, which can cause uneven coloring. Thoroughly moisturizing prior to applying self tan will help to apply colour more evenly.

Now let’s talk a bit more about why you should apply moisturizer before fake tanning and how long to wait after applying moisturizer. Many customers ask; can i moisturize before self tanning?

Can you moisturize before self tanner or do you moisturise before fake tan?

You might ask yourself the question; should I moisturise before fake tan? 

Well! Good quality moisturizers help to relieve dry skin and allow the outer layers of your skin to retain more moisture. So; if you ask the question do i moisturise before fake tan? Then I’ll say, that not only is this a great practice for good skin health, but for some it is also a smart step before applying self-tanner.

So; yes – to the question if you can moisturize before fake tanning.

Have you ever noticed

… someone that has been using sunless tanner perhaps for the first time, and there are some inconsistencies in their colouring? Usually, this occurs in a few places, such as the hands, feet, elbows, knees, and creases of the skin. These are the areas of your body that typically are the driest, and the skin is thickest. So; should i moisturize before fake tanning; well it depends. Shall we lock ourselves into overly time-consuming beauty routines, when they’re not needed? And we actually don’t have the time for them?

It’s not necessary every time, not every second time. But from time to time, it helps to get a more even tan. And now you’ll also get the tricks to handle dry spots :)

The central active ingredient

… in Boë self tanners is a color additive called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When this chemical touches dead skin cells a chemical reaction occurs that ultimately darkens the outer layer of your skin. This differs from traditional tanning with the sun or a tanning bed, because those methods actually create pigment in the lower layer of your skin that lasts longer.
Drier areas of skin will retain more dead skin cells. So there is more to react with the chemicals inside the self-tanner, causing a darker brighter tan to form.

For this reason, it is best practice to first gently exfoliate your dry skin spots. After you’ve removed a layer of dead skin cells through exfoliation, you then want to thoroughly moisturize your skin to even out the texture and prevent dryness.

Using a moisturizer before self-tanning also has the added benefit of prolonging the tan. Since you’re allowing the tan to penetrate deeper into the now-moisturized skin, it will tend to fade slower and require fewer re-applications. Why yes to the question; can you put moisturiser on before fake tan?

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Can you moisturize after fake tan?

Yes, you certainly can, and in fact, some say you should – but we don’t. We believe (think) it depends more on your skin type and the time you have to your disposal. However, be sure that you choose a simple hydrating moisturizer and not one that is oil based. An oil-based moisturizer can break up the dead skin cells that are holding the color and cause it to fade faster and become more unevenly.

Can I moisturize before fake tan or do I HAVE to moisturize before fake tanning?

No, you absolutely don’t have to moisturize before fake tanning. However, it can be a good idea and it will make your tan more even – and and from time to time, it’s more than a good idea. It’s recommended to bring you a lovely even tan. Like we talked about above, some areas of your body tend to be much drier, and so they will likely hold more onto the fake tan and cause some unevenness in color. Moisturizing these areas helps to prevent this from happening. 
I hope this helps you to answer the question, that only you and your skin type can answer: do i moisturize before self tanning?

Can You Mix Fake Tan With Moisturizer?

Boë Tan Drops No.1 is made to mix self tan with your favourite moisturizer to combine the best of two worlds; for you to stay with your favourite moisturizer and at the same time, you get the tan you favor. 

At the Boë-office we have different strategies for our different products – and see no particular reason, to have a static regime for adding self tan before or after moisturizing. It will depend on your skin type, and in which state your skin is – and also on what you have time to do.

More olive looking skin types – do very often not need extra moisturizers and can add Tan Water No.2 directly to the skin – and then supply later with a light layer of lotion, where and if they feel they need it. 

However people with drier skin types – will benefit from moisturizing before self tanning. In the latter case, best practice would be to apply your favourite moisturizer, and wait 5-10 minutes for it to sufficiently sink in. Then, apply Tan Water No.2 evenly onto your body. 

Can You Shave After Applying Self-Tanner?

If you plan to shave, try to do it shortly before applying self-tanner instead of right after. Since self tanner does not actually create pigment deep in the skin, and instead resides on the outermost layer of your skin, shaving the stubble from your legs can actually remove some of the colors from your fake tan as well.

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