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Here’s Why Non-Toxic Ingredients Are It

We are slowly getting more and more aware of the positive and negative (side) effects of different things we consume and apply to our body. From garments, textiles, ingredients, food, what we listen to, read, get viewed, etc. This also applies to skincare. Suddenly we are much more aware of what the products consists of […]

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What Makes a Good Fragrance Free Moisturizer?

When you’re looking to find the best moisturizers, it doesn’t matter if your skin type is dry, oily, normal, acne prone. A fragrance free moisturizer is the best. Nicely scenting fragrances can be lovely and have a certain luxury feeling to it, but “fragrance” can be a wide-ranging word for many uncommon and slightly negative […]

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What Are Parabens?

It’s most likely that you are quite aware of what you do and consume throughout a day. This can both be mentally, physically, food, beverages, etc. And so as your body and mind is affected by what you consume, the same counts for your skin. Everything that you apply to your skin affects your skin […]

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7 Misconceptions About Sunscreen

Many remember being bathed in sunscreen as babies and children. Then slowly growing into using less and less the older we got – until we found out that sunscreen is crucial for your skin and health. Many remembers SPF as annoying, sticky, and greasy. It was ‘only was necessary’ under high heat, many sun hours […]

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Peptides: What is It?

Have you heard the word peptides over and over again, but never really caught what it actually is? No need to worry; we got you covered ;) Read along and you’ll be covered in knowledge about what it does for you. Sometimes creams and treatments simply doesn’t do it. So we need some more, to […]

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What is Bakuchiol?

You might have heard of the infamous skincare ingredient Retinol. Retinol is known to be effective and aid you with softer lines, less wrinkles, hydration, an even skin tone and improved elasticity. But it’s also to be very harsh, and cause sensitization and irritation in your skin. These pitfalls makes many wonder, if retinol is […]

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What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C has for many become an indispensable ingredient in their AM-routines, due to the ingredient’s many beneficial properties. The impressive antioxidant works against damage made by free radicals, environmental damages, hyperpigmentation and increase in collagen production. There are multiple reasons why vitamin C is a new favourite among many of us. Shortly it makes […]

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What Are Tanning Drops?

Why are self tanning drops a game changer? If you are naturally pale (as the writer of this post), but loves to look tanned – how do you solve this ‘issue’? Self tanning is products are really my only safe option. I have a tendency to look dull – especially during the colder months. But […]

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5 Things That Makes Your Self Tan Natural

Why Is Your Self Tan Natural? Self tan, fake tan, self tanner, tan in a can – loved ones have many names. Self tan has for many years suffered under the perception of it being a decidedly fake tan. Many resembles it with being unnatural, orangey looking, Jersey Shore-resembling, smelly – the list is long. […]

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What is Cruelty Free Self Tanner?

The so-called “cruelty free” products has become increasingly popular within the last couple of years. But what exactly does it mean, when cruelty free tanning products are labeled as cruelty free self tan or as a cruelty free self tanner?  What is Cruelty Free? Cosmetics labeled “cruelty free” generally imply that they haven’t been tested on animals. However, there is no standard […]

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Allergy Free Self Tanners Safe For Your Skin

Boë is a family company. Founded on the basis of wishing to give the family members in the founding family, healthy, allergy free self tanners safe for their skin to use. Some of the members in the founding family are multi-chemical sensitive (MCS) and suffers from having sensitive skin, allergies and rosacea. For them it […]

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