If you want a natural golden glow or a tan; it basically depends on how much you apply, the frequency and how you do it. We firmly believe that Boë is creating natural tan – and below you’ll find a couple of reasons of when self tan is a natural, tan.

1. When self tan creates your natural summer tan – all year round

Boë contains DHA which is a natural ingredient originally found in sugarcanes. In Boë’s self tanners, DHA is the melanin-activating ingredient. This makes your tan coming from within and is therefore not a layer of orange color added on top of your skin.

“Usually, I have never gotten a decent pretty tan nor glow from self-tanners, but with the No.1 Tan Drops from Boë I get such a pretty tan – and it looks so natural!”

2. When self tan activates the same process in your skin as the sun – but healthier

When applying Boë, your tan is your glow and tan. It’s healthy and natural looking. You look fresh, you protect your skin, and you look healthy. Every user will overall receive a slightly different looking glow or tan, due to it depending on how much you want to use and apply and how you are usually reacting with the sun. Every skin is individual. So is you. So is your tan.

3. When self tan is like doing push-ups for your skin

Is it natural to do push-ups – enhance and train your muscles and body to get fit, defined and stronger? Yes, that is what most of us would say. And we perceive that applying Boë self tan is the same. When you apply and use Boë, you enhance something that you already have. You already have the melanin in your skin and many of the vitamins and ingredients in Boë’s products is already to be found in natural ingredients as strawberries and tomatoes, coconuts, apricots, etc.

Boë is like doing push-ups, going to the gym and eating healthy instead of unhealthily – for your skin. You are what you do. If you eat healthy, you look healthy. You use Boë self tan, you look freshly naturally tanned.

“For me, it is very important to feel like I have a healthy glow all year round. I often feel like, during the winter, that my skin looks dull and drained of all nutrients. And discovering the beautiful results that Boë aids me with has been such a pleasure!”

4. When self tan is as natural as anything

Many would claim that the tan that you’re getting from the sun, is the natural tan and that it is not unnatural, because you have gotten it from the sun. But what if you apply something, that is enhancing your process of producing ‘brown’ skin – just like the sun? Is that unnatural, because of the lack of sun – even if it’s healthier, easier, stress free and time saving?  

We don’t think so! We believe that due to Boë activating your own tanning process, it is what you have that is making you tan, it’s your color – just like the tan you get in the summer – just healthier. And no, we don’t restrict ourselves from flying to the sun – just because we can’t fly like a bird. Stay healthy. Stay happy. Use Boë.

5. When self tan brings you your natural summer tan all year round

If you make sure to do gradually tanning and apply a bit every or every other day and only spice it up on special occasions, you will have a consistent natural glow and tan, that is natural and naturally yours. When your color is varying from day to a few days after, every week, it will not look or seem natural, which is our goal. If you apply every or every other day, a glowy tanned look will be your look and your natural summer tan will be your tan all year round. Then you don’t have to worry about how to make your natural tan last longer. Healthy stress-free tanning in summer. Fresh natural tan in winter.

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