Your clothes aren’t the only thing which can get stained when you use spray tans or self tanners with colour added. If you have slept before showering your self tanner off, or it has just transferred to your sheets, you may be wondering if fake tan will wash off your sheets? Here are some methods to try.

These advices are concerning other self tanners than the Boë products. 
– Because Boë products don’t contain added colours and Boë don’t have spray tans
and Boë’s colourless self tan formulas prevent you from the problems most people experience from time to time with spray tans. 

With Boë’s colorless self tan formulas – you will not experience transfer besides what comes from hot body temperatures during summer
– and that you simply wash off as you normally do with your laundry.

Spray tans are another story, and this post is for the ones using spray tans and color added self tanners.
– and the problems they can be facing.

Nevertheless; that shall not prevent us from sharing some easy quick fixes about how to handle self tan stains on sheets – if the accident is out. Below, we’ll share some simple advices about how to get tan off sheets.

Method #1: Laundry detergent

Just like your clothes, you can use the same laundry detergent solution (method 1), to remove fake tan from your sheets. Mix up the same solution as before of laundry detergent or dishwashing soap and cool water. Start by dabbing the area with cold water and then do the same with the laundry detergent solution.

Finish by washing your sheets if necessary and they should be as good as new.

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Method #2: Club soda

Similar to the laundry detergent method, club soda can be used to remove fake tan stains from your bedding.

Once again, dab the area with some cold water and wet a cloth with club soda. Use this to gently dab at the stain but avoid scrubbing it. If needed, position a dark towel underneath the sheets so that the fake tan doesn’t transfer anywhere else. Give your sheets a good wash and they should be fine!

Method #3: Soaking the sheets

If the fake tan stains are large, some methods may be ineffective at removing the whole thing at once. In this case, try soaking the sheets.

You’ll need to fill up a bath or basin big enough to hold your sheets with hot water and biological laundry detergent. The enzymes in biological laundry detergent aren’t in non-biological detergent, and these are what clear the stain. When the mixture is ready, put in the sheets and allow them to soak overnight. Drain in the morning and wash them as usual.

But why not use Boë’s self tan products

– and all the stain and transfer problems won’t occur.

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