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Natural Looking Self Tan For Light & Fair Skin

We are all different – and so is our skin. Normally, your skin type would not matter in regards of self tanners. But it does, when you use high quality self tan that creates a natural tan. When using products like Boë’s, the products are activating the melanin in your body. This means it activates the tan […]

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Allergy Free Self Tanners Safe For Your Skin

Boë is a family company. Founded on the basis of wishing to give the family members in the founding family, healthy, allergy free self tanners safe for their skin to use. Some of the members in the founding family are multi-chemical sensitive (MCS) and suffers from having sensitive skin, allergies and rosacea. For them it […]

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How To Keep Your Self Tan Off Your Bedlinen & Clothing

We all know that the sun’s UV rays and tanning beds can be bad for us but who does not love a little summer glow? Forget baking under artificial lights or lying in the sun day in and day out. Today’s savvy beauties are using fake tan to protect their skin and get that ‘fresh-from-the-beach-year-round-summer-glow’. […]

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How Long Does a Tan Last? 9 Ways to Extend Your Tan

Tans tend to last 7 to 10 days due to skin cell turnover. Whether you spend some time in the sun, regularly apply a self tanner or use solarium, you might have a burning question on your mind: ‘how long does a tan really last?’  Glow from self tanners can expect to last between 7-10 […]

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How to Tan Safely

Learn How to Get a Gorgeous Glow Without Sacrificing the Health of Your Skin. Intense tanning was back in the days a perfectly acceptable way to use your vacations. Today, you are probably a bit more concerned about how the UV rays will affect your skin in a long-term and wondering “how can I tan […]

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How To Get Self Tanner off Your Hands

Using self tanner is an easy, affordable and healthy way to get a natural glow. However, self tanners can be tricky to apply, especially for your hands. If you are looking at your streaky, orange palms and wondering how to get self tanner off your hands, these quick DIY tan removers can save the day, […]

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How to Get a Tan Fast: Best Ways to Tan Quickly

A glowy skin is often on the top of our list when going to special occasions or vacationing. It can be tempting to bake in the sun for hours or use tanning beds, when trying to get a fast tan. While both these options can tan quickly, they can just as easily give you a […]

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