We are all different – and so is our skin. Normally, your skin type would not matter in regards of self tanners. But it does, when you use high quality self tan that creates a natural tan. Using self tanners, where your tan is created by your skin, so others cannot tell whether it’s a tan from time spent in the sun or from a high quality self tanner – like the Boë products. Boë’s products are made so they are activating the melanin in your body. This means that they activate the tan just like the sun does. This is why it is important to choose the right self tanner for your skin, application and maintenance.
– Especially when looking and using self tan for light and fairer skin. Here it’s good to remember, that a good self tanner for light, pale and fair skin, is a gradual tanner.

If you have fairer skin…

The best self tanner for pale and fair skin will in the beginning be a softer tanning product. Start slowly and build from there. The efficiency of the product will be less. The contrast between before and after will equally be less and so will the demand for accuracy in applying. This will make you feel more comfortable when initiating your tanning routines, simply because you’ll get a more even tanning result from the beginning. Your tan will be build up gradually, which will make your tan more natural looking. Usually it also takes a few tries to get your personal applying technique 100%. When you’ve figured out your routine and built up a slight tan, you can start using more per body part. As well, you can increase the frequency, until you reach your favourite natural tan level.

We find Boë’s products as giving you the best tan for pale and fair skin

“When you have a fair skin, then we will recommend a mix of The No.1 Tan Drops and No.3 Tan Lotion – used separately.”

Boë Beauté

When it comes to The No.1 Tan Drops…

We think the gradual self tanning is the best for light, pale and fair skin. We recommend you to start with our No.1 Tan Drops and using two drops per body part in the beginning. You have to drop the drops in your favourite moisturiser and mix it together. After you have mixed it together, then you apply it gently to your face or your designated body part, as you would do with your normal moisturiser. Though with an extra attention to an even distribution. If you want to start carefully, then start with your legs only. By starting with your legs, you can test how your skin’s responding and get a feeling of how to apply. Then wait for two days and then apply once more. You can consider to do the same for the rest of the body or wait for the third time and then go for a full body. When you feel that you know your applying technique and how your skin is responding; then go for the entire body and the face.

The same counts for The No.3 Tan Lotion…

The No.3 Tan Lotion is one of the best self tanning lotions for fair skin it is gentle and aids you with a lot of moisture, without it being difficult to lubricate.

When you reach your desired tanning level, then the potential uneven applying will be less visible. This is because the contrast will be leveled out. You can then go for more drops per body part – and more frequent usage. Boë’s products are without allergens and fragrance free – why it is made for risk free daily usage. If you choose to go for more drops, then we recommend to go to three drops per body part and then gradually go for more – up to six in case you feel like it. And remember, the best way to tan for pale and fair skin, is the gradual tan.

When you have a light or fair skin type, the tanning will peel off faster, than with darker skin types. That is why it is more likely that you will feel more comfortable with daily or bi-daily application. This is both due to an all round even tan and glow, besides it being more natural looking since you will have a glow every day and not being pale one day and tanned another.

When it comes to the face…

nearly all of us experience, that our facial tan fades faster than the rest of the body. This is due to the skin in our face has fewer melanocytes. Melanocytes is the cells in our skin that produces melanin, which means it is what that gives the skin color. Additionally, the facial skin is thinner, dries faster, is more exposed to the environment and endures more frequent washing. All of the aforementioned is normal circumstances – and if you prefer a bi-daily tanning routine, then you should likely go for a daily tanning routine for your face. 

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