All individuals are unique and their own. Just as our personalities and preferences are all different – and so is our skin and skin type. Our skin is just like our mind, being affected by our surroundings; where we live, the season, what we ingest, travel, mental state of mind, exercise, etc. Our skin is thus affected by external factors – but it is also genetics. Some are more prone to sensitive skin, Rosacea, acne, etc., and some aren’t… Everybody’s skin is different, and you’d want to cater to your skin and give it the bst conditions to thrive under.

This is among some of the reason why we want to help you easily identify your skin.

It’s essential to care for your skin

Skin is what’s covering and protecting your body, and is the body’s largest organ. Your skin is also always exposed to something, let it be fabrics, products, air, nature elements, etc. This is among one of the reasons why it’s so important to care for, and why it’s probably no surprise to anybody, that it’s important that those products suits you. Using the wrong products can have a huge negative effect on your skin – and mentality. Using the wrong products can lead to break outs, damage the visages, sensitization, irritated skin, rashes, allergic reactions, etc.

The products that you’re using has to fit your current lifestyle and needs. Using the right ones will affect your day-to-day life, and so will using the wrong ones. They can hold the power of making you want to shine and be and feel happy, or making you uncomfortable, shy and wanting to hide yourself…

Nobody wants to feel the latter, and we don’t want you to either! So we’re here to help you break the big ‘what’s my skin type’ question down. We want to guide you to the right products for your skin, that lets you shine.
We at Boë wants you to shine and feel comfortable; as easy, safe, and manageable as possible – while being affordable for all!

Is your skin type ‘normal‘?

Do you feel that your skin is firm, rarely experience breakouts, and you’re not necessarily negatively affected by experiencing new products (rashes, patches, redness, dryness). Your skin’s feel and look isn’t necessarily bothered by traveling, nor seasonal weather changes?

Then you most likely have normal skin (and you can bless your genes and yourself for that). You’re a lucky one, and can most likely use a variety of products without having issues, which others might have.

And how to stay this way? Keep it simple and your products clean! Skin is unpredictable, and your skin type can suddenly change. This is why we suggest keeping it simple and gentle, so you won’t sensitize, irritate or cause allergic reactions. Applying too many products with harsh ingredients, scents, etc. can cause negative reactions in your skin due to overexposure – less is more.

Use a gentle cleanser, preferred serum and close off with a moisturizer and/or SPF30. You probably won’t need any more than that – but you’re at the same time free to experiment, as your skin is ‘normal’.

Do you have ‘combination‘ skin?

If you can recognize that parts of your skin are dry, some oily, experience occasional blemishes, sometimes breakouts, and the list goes on – then your skin type is most likely a combination. You experience a bit of everything, some days one thing some days another. Your face is kind of like a canvas where each part is painted by a different painter. Depending on the day, one of them gets to fill out more of the canvas than others.

So how can we neutralize them all and work together, creating a beautiful canvas? As with the normal skin type: keep it simple and clean is rule No.1. The second: go for non-comedogenic (no pore-clogging) products. And third: moisturize your skin!
It’s important that all of your products are as gentle, mild, and clean as possible. Synthetics and unnecessary additives will do nothing but complicate your canvas and ruin the teamwork.

Don’t use too many products and let them be gentle and mild!

Is your skin type ‘acne-prone‘?

If you experience frequent breakouts, then it’s a yes… And what can we do against that?

You’ve probably been through tons of products and feel like you’ve tried it all. But we advise you to keep the experimentation to a minimum! Your skin needs to relax, care, and steadiness.

You shouldn’t use ten different products at once. Use acne-specific products to treat your skin, and try to let your skin work with the products, instead of changing them after 4-6 weeks. Sometimes it might take a longer time, as your skin needs to get used to it and learn to react with it, instead of against.
– and it’s a yes to non-comedogenic, clean, gentle products – and no to fragrance and paraben stuffed. They’ll probably cause further irritation – treat your skin like it’s sensitive 💛

Is your skin type ‘oily‘?

Is your skin ever glowy, dewy (and a bit oily)? Then your skin type’s most likely oily. You sometimes feel like your skin is fighting the street lights and light cones for who can light and shine the most, or like you need to pad your skin with a clean finger or powder every 10 minute to blot the ‘oil’ and shine.

It’s the art of controlling the shine, either if you’re going for the dewy or the more matte look – moisture is a must. You have to avoid mineral oils, petrolatum, and alcohol (no difficulties when using Boë ;)). Non-comedogenic products are super important for you with the oily skin type! You don’t want your pores to get clogged, so gentle, free of endocrine disruptors and non-comedogenic is the way to go.

Two very important things:

  1. Moisturize your skin! If you have oily skin, it’ll just become even more oily if you don’t moisturize. Your pores will produce even more oil, because it’ll try to compensate for the lack of moisture (by not applying moisturizer).
  2. Clean your skin! Dirt + oil = disaster. So remember to clean your skin both AM & PM, and keep your dirty fingers away from your face (even though it can be difficult, we know…).

Do you have ‘dry‘ skin?

Your skin would probably be categorized as dry if you often experience it to be flaky, sensitive, and itchy. If you live in a dry climate, you might have experienced it to ‘crack’ during the wintertime. Your skin is having difficulties in retaining enough moisture, and that’s why this happens.

No need to worry though! Dry skin easily be softened, hydrated, and moistened, with the right treatment and products. Hyaluronic Acid serums are wonder products for giving your skin a moisture boost – and retaining it! Apply the HA + Vit C daily, and you’ll find your skin t be hydrated, firm, plumped, and smooth. After a short amount of time, you likely won’t experience dryness and flakes any longer.
– And make sure to drink enough water, stay hydrated and avoid eating too much salt, as this is drying for your skin.

Is your skin type ‘sensitive‘?

If you tend to experience flushes easily, stinging or burning sensations when you apply products. Or gets rashes, small bumps on your face, and sometimes dry, flaky patches of skin – then you have sensitive skin. You’ve probably tried a serious amount of products, whom all have been too rough and intense for your delicate and tender skin.

And how should we go around that? Distance yourself and your poor skin from chemicals, parabens, fragrances, added colors, and synthetics, and endocrine disruptors.

The cleaner and simpler the product, the better!

Boë is basically made so people with sensitive skin, safely can use our products – free of parabens, allergens, endocrine disruptors, non-comedogenic, fragrances, non-sensitizing, and -irritating – just to name a few. Our products are basically free of what could cause your skin to break out or react negatively. Boë strives after having the most clean possible products, that soothes, nourishes and takes care of your skin.

Do you have ‘mature‘ skin?

As we mentioned earlier in this text: skin changes – and is ever changing. The texture and feeling of your skin will also eventually change as you get older – and that’s normal! Some wrinkles, fine lines, a bit of sagging skin, dark spots, dull skin, etc., may start to appear.

Treat it with love and respect. Your skin has been with you through everything throughout your life – and you probably have put it through a bit of everything ;)

But now is the time to maybe start looking at anti-aging creams and serums – if you haven’t started yet. Find yourself a nourishing and caretaking, gentle anti-age skincare routine, that suits and takes care of your skin.

Your skin is your skin

… it’s unique and tries it best to take care of you – it just might be a bit confused at times. It sticks with you, and can sometimes control your mood and feelings, so take care of it and listen to and look at what it tells you.

Overall: clean, gentle products will benefit you and your skin the most, regardless of your skin type. They will help to calm down your skin, and make it and you glow, so you can be confident, comfortable, and shine in your own skin.

And remember: less is more

At Boë we have sensitive skin as our default

Try, feel it


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