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NO. 18


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Do you also want a night cream that feels like it’s hugging your skin every night when you apply it? That rejuvenates your skin while you’re sleeping; hydrates and repairs it? Boë’s No.18 Night Cream with Bakuchiol might be that hug for you. No.18 efficiently, targets fine lines, deep wrinkles, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and rough texture for a youthful looking and -feeling skin. This night cream will help your skin to regain its elasticity, as well as adapt it for the anti-ageing and moisturizing processes of your skin. It’s ideal to use, no matter your skin type, age, gender or concern.
Bakuchiol is deliberately chosen, as it’s a gentler alternative to retinol, and is 100% plant-based. It has similar benefits as retinol; softens fine lines, wrinkles, even skin tone and increases and improves elasticity and firmness –  but without the irritation that retinol can cause. No.18 leaves a silky and hydrated feel on the skin without oily residue – and has an excellent capability to improve dry skin.

NB: No.18 builds up slowly and takes approximately 29 days of usage, before you and your skin gets the maximum value of No.18.
– and from there on; you just maintain the level and it will keep on bringing soft youthfulness to your skin. 

Recommended replenishment frequency: 45 days

Product Details


Good for: Sensitive skin and moisture, relieve of blue light stress and anti-ageing. Collagen boost and activation, repairing, calming, hydrating and relieving hyper-pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types.

Feels like: A dewy, light and soft cream, that lays over your skin like a hydrating and soothing hug. 

Smells like: Nothing – it’s fragrance and odor free!

FYI: All our ingredients are free of endocrine disruptors, it’s non-comedogenic and paraben, cruelty, and allergen free. The ingredients are deliberately chosen to be as gentle and lower the risk for an irritation or contact allergy, as much as possible. So, even though most ingredients are, a few are non-vegan because many plant-derived ingredients, or plants themselves, can cause irritation or contact allergy. We want to avoid this, and substitute with smarter solutions. We control the quality of the content, and make sure that the products are as clean as possible – so you won’t experience any unintentional allergic reactions.