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Our founder’s wife suffers from Rosacea and has multiple allergies and a sensitive skin. She loves to have a golden glow and reduce the damaging UV-radiation. This is why Boë was founded; a skincare company with the cleanest possible products of premium quality. Balancing the needs of sensitive skin with efficiency, and with a selective range of self tan products, made as clean skincare. Making your skin perfectly covered with less.
Produced and made in Copenhagen, Denmark.

what people say

“best tanning product i’ve ever used on my face. & trust me, i’ve tried them all! it’s so nice on my skin”

“just want to say that i’ve been using your products for the past two and a half year – gives me a lovely glowy skin. i just love them! thank you”

“my facial skin’s so sensitive, and i’ve never been able to use a sunscreen without breaking out my eczema. i am absolutely loving your facial sunscreen!

we’re made for sensitive skin

– and want you to build up your skin from within, giving you a hydrated, plump, glowy and healthy-looking skin, in a long-term perspective.

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why we are

Boë initially started out as a clean self-tan company, founded because my mother Louise, is suffering from Rosacea, allergic to (natural & chemical) fragrances, Multi Chemical Sensitive (MCS), and has sensitive skin. One of my brothers and myself also suffer from Rosacea, sensitive skin, and allergies. Starting with Louise, and the rest of us following, we’ve always been particular about which products we used, and which ingredients we’ve applied. Keeping fragrances to a minimum has been at the core of how we’ve lived. We as a family have always been an outdoor family, but sensitive skin and allergies does not always allow that to the fullest.

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