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NO. 12


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Has SPF become the last step of your daily AM-routine, and maybe your highest ranked product, all year round? Then No.12 Face Cream plus SPF 30, might be right down your lane. No.12 is made to protect and moisturize your skin – it feels and acts like a regular face cream, but with SPF 30 protection. This means No.12 is both a moisturizer and sunscreen. No.12 is a ‘physical/mineral’ sunscreen, meaning it reflects the UV-light off of your skin. The sunscreen won’t penetrate your skin and be an endocrine disruptor – so it’s safe to use while being pregnant and breastfeeding. It’s a product we’re very proud of; with well balanced and hand picked ingredients, to reach the best possible result, usage and care for your skin. It’s a hydrating, and easily spreadable cream, formulated to protect your skin from damaging UV-rays (both UVA & UVB), photoaging and reducing skin irritations. Your skin absorbs it fast, and it doesn’t leave white cast nor fluff on your skin. No. 12 is formulated so it will hydrate your skin, without greasing, it’s non-comedogenic; so it doesn’t clog pores or leave oily residue.
It has no adverse effects on the environment!
FYI: If you want a youthful looking skin and decrease wrinkles and premature skin; then sunscreen is important all year round. UVA rays, which cause premature aging and wrinkles, are present all year and are those that go through windows, skies, etc. – so keep applying your SPF :)

Recommended replenishment frequency: 45 days

Product Details


Good for: Sensitive skin, hydration, and moisture, relieve of blue light stress and anti-ageing, stimulation of cell vitality, tissue repairing, cell renewal, and dull/tired skin, protection against harmful UV, the environment

Feels like: A gooey, glossy and hydrating cream, that is easy to control and apply – that won’t grease your skin!

Smells like: Nothing – it’s fragrance free! If you experience a scent, it’s the scent of the clean ingredients – and/or your skin working with it – demonstrating the cleanness of the product

FYI: All our ingredients are free of endocrine disruptors, non-comedogenic, and paraben, cruelty, and allergen free. The ingredients are deliberately chosen to be as gentle and lower the risk for an irritation or contact allergy, as much as possible. So, even though most ingredients are vegan, a few are non-vegan because many plant-derived ingredients, or plants themselves, can cause irritation or contact allergy. We want to avoid this, and substitute with smarter solutions. We control the quality of the content, and make sure that the products are as clean as possible – so you won’t experience any unintentional allergic reactions.