Why Is Your Self Tan Natural?

Self tan, fake tan, self tanner, tan in a can – loved ones have many names. Self tan has for many years suffered under the perception of it being a decidedly fake tan. Many resembles it with being unnatural, orangey looking, Jersey Shore-resembling, smelly – the list is long. All these perceptions are to some extent right. But with Boë it’s not the case any longer! 
We give you 5 reasons to why and what that makes your Boë a quality self tan natural.

1. Ingredients mainly used for and from conservatives

What does Boë have in common with i.e., strawberries, cherries, rowanberries and tomatoes? They all contain Potassium Sorbate, which is naturally found in berries and other fruits. Potassium Sorbate helps the berries and fruits to, from within, fight off bacteria. When used in your Boë-products, it is both non-irritating and -sensitizing towards your skin. The main part of the ingredients in your Boë-products is actually found in food you eat or drink. This is important for us, hence we are not filling up our products with unhealthy chemicals. Trying to keep it as clean as possible, and making your self tan as natural as possible.

“So many self tanning products try to mask that typical tan smell with intense fragrance. This truly smells like NOTHING when applied and only gives the faiiiintest hint of self tan smell in the morning. I’m talking nose to skin and I can barely detect it.”

2. Boë does not smell – of anything

Boë is both free of fragrance and perfume, making it possible for you to decide, whether you want to wear a favorite scent, or stay completely free of any odors. When Boë-products are fragrance free, they do not contain allergens. This means that you safely can use them on a daily basis – without the risk of provoking allergic reactions. Neither does Boë possess the infamous ‘self-tan’-smell.
You can expect to experience a slight smell a couple of minutes post application. This is a good thing; it means that the product is working with your skin and that you are about to gain a golden glow! Not to worry – the smell is just detectable for you, nose-to-skin and will disappear after a couple of minutes – exactly as when sunbathing. Same process. Same natural smell from you skin producing melanin. No need to worry.

 3. Not a layer of color

One of the most unique things about Boë, and why it is a quality self tan is, that the products when applied, not laying an orange or simply a layer of color on top of your skin. The product goes into your skin and activates the melanin that is within your skin. Boë’s self tan products contain DHA, which is basically sugar and derived from sugarcanes, being produced by fermentation of glycerin. DHA is basically the active ingredient in Boë’s self tanning products. When applied it interacts with the free amino groups within the proteins in your skin. That interaction thus produces a brown-ish pigment, called melanoidin. This process is basically the same as how the sun is affecting your skin. So when you apply Boë, it is not a layer of color which is added on top of your skin – but a color your skin is producing. As natural as it gets. When sunbathing; from the sun rays. With Boë; from sugar!

“No orange-carrot-looking colour and it does not look like a fake tan, even in the winter. So easy to use and such a pretty outcome!”

4. Your tan is your tan

As we wrote above, Boë activates the melanin in your skin, which means that it is your color which is generated. The color generated will reminisce the color that you are getting from the sun, which means that the color, is yours. Not everybody gets equally tanned, gets tanned in the same way, gets tanned by the same amount of time, etc. and that can happen with Boë as well. You might get a different tint than your friend and might not need as much or more as your friend. This makes Boë your personal color – and makes it natural.
– And why gradual tanning is so important ;)

 5. Gradual tanning

We will always advice you to apply and make use of gradual tan. As mentioned under point no. 4, Boë tans with you, and it is your color. This is what makes it so natural looking – as long as you do not over apply. We want you to have a glow every day. Not just on Friday and Saturday and when it turns Wednesday, it’s gone again. If you start with less, get to know your chosen product, you’ll better be able to make it natural. Our philosophy is to rather have a subtle tan Friday-through-Friday, that can be pimped in the weekends. How to use gradual self tanner is, according to us at Boë; rather less every- or every other day to make it consistent and even, than a lot one day and nothing for the next seven. Make it natural!

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