Vitamin C has for many become an indispensable ingredient in their AM-routines, due to the ingredient’s many beneficial properties. The impressive antioxidant works against damage made by free radicals, environmental damages, hyperpigmentation and increase in collagen production.

There are multiple reasons why vitamin C is a new favourite among many of us. Shortly it makes your skin healthier, evens the skin tone and makes it smoother.

Vitamin C is a multifaceted ingredient. In general, it’s quite complicated to combine with other ingredients, due to its unstableness. And this is where Ascorbyl Glucoside comes in.

What is Ascorbyl Glucoside?

Ascorbyl Glucoside is a form of vitamin C; an antioxidant and skin brightener, that helps to fade brown spots (hyper-pigmentation) caused by sun damage or post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Our bodies don’t naturally produce vitamin C. And as written above, it’s a tricky ingredient that’s both unstable, hard to formulate, and has difficulties in penetrating the skin. This is why we, at Boë, use Ascorbyl Glucoside. Ascorbyl Glucoside has shown to be one of the best derivatives of vitamin C.

On the contrary to vitamin C, Ascorbyl Glucoside is stable, easy to formulate and has in in-vitro studies shown no troubles with penetrating the skin. The aforementioned is important in terms of letting the active anti-aging ingredients do their job. In-vitro studies also show that Ascorbyl Glucoside converts into vitamin C, when absorbed by the skin. And at the same time it, also shows the three anti-aging benefits that pure vitamin C also have. The benefits are antioxidant protection, collagen boosting and fading hyper-pigmentation. Ascorbyl Glucoside is a gentlier version of vitamin C, and is much less likely to cause irritation or sensitization in your skin.

What are the Benefits of Ascorbyl Glucoside?

Ascorbyl Glucoside has a lot of benefits – and not many pitfalls. The ingredient is gentle towards your skin and non-irritating and -sensitizing. One of its many benefits is the ability to boost your skin’s own collagen production. When your collagen production is getting boosted, you’ll get a stronger, smoother (less fine lines and wrinkles), more firm, and elastic skin. Ascorbyl Glucoside can stimulate the production of the protein, collagen, which gives the aforementioned benefits for your skin.

Ascorbyl Glucoside also fights free radicals within your skin. This means that they scavenge the skin-damaging free radicals that emerge when our skin is exposed this UV-rays, pollution, bacterias, etc. (PRO TIP: this is also why vitamin C used under sunscreen boosts the UV- and photo protection even further – so don’t forget your SPF! ;)). Thus does Ascorbyl Glucoside protect our skin against environmental damages and do photo-protection.

The ingredient is also an eminent hyperpigmentation fader. Ascorbyl Glucoside works wonders when trying to fade dark marks caused by UV-damages, age spots or breakouts. And besides that, it also helps to ward off the production of new ones. This means it helps out to even the skin and gives your skin an all-round even glossy appearance.

How to Use Vitamin C

We at Boë recommend to apply vitamin C as a part of your AM-routine in order to get the full benefit of the ingredient. To get the most out of the properties that the ingredient aids you with, it’s beneficial to use it as a serum. Here we’d recommend our No. 16 or No.17 (with self tan). Use it as the second part of your routine, after your cleanse on clean skin, and finish off with (a moisturizer (No. 8 or No.9) and) SPF (No.12 or No.13). When you’re applying vitamin C as a serum, below a fatter cream and SPF; you’ll both lock in and seal the active ingredients within your skin, and let them work without getting disturbed. And you’ll also boost your UV-protection.

Vitamin C / Ascorbyl Glucoside Summed Up

  • Ascorbyl Glucoside is a form of vitamin C, with the same benefits, but less potent and more sensitive towards the skin.
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside is an antioxidant and can be used on all skin types, both sensitive, acne prone, rosacea, etc.
  • Use it as a serum, then it will lay better with your skin and up the benefits and UV-protection
  • It’s a collagen booster! It has anti-aging properties
  • Works against and prevents hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, and it smoothes and firms the skin elasticity.
  • Neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals, and protects against environmental damages.
  • Enhance radiance and brightens dull complexion – giving you glooow

At Boë we have sensitive skin as our default

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