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Easy Tanning Tips for Dry Skin

If your skin tends to be a little on the dry side, but you’re longing for a smooth, even and best tan for dry skin, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re dreaming of a winter glow, but the cold has turned your skin into a nightmare. Or your natural skin type is a little […]

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How To Get Self Tanner Off Sheets

Your clothes aren’t the only thing which can get stained when you use spray tans or self tanners with colour added. If you have slept before showering your self tanner off, or it has just transferred to your sheets, you may be wondering if fake tan will wash off your sheets? Here are some methods […]

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How To Get Self Tanner Stains Out of Clothes

Have you tried to get self tanner stains on your clothes? This article is worth saving for the next time you have a situation, where you need to remove self tan from clothes. And even how to get self tanner off white clothes! Before you toss your chic decor out the window, because you can’t give up your self […]

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Self Tanning Lotion Tips

These basic sunless tanning lotion tips will help you apply a lotion self tanner, so you can get even coverage and longer-lasting results. We will do our best to try to answer the questions you might have about how to apply self tanning lotion. Follow these steps about how to put on self tanning lotion Boë’s one week vacation […]

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Self Tanners for Eczema-Prone Skin

Is it okay to use self tanners if you have eczema? And can you tan easily with eczema or other skin conditions? The short answer is yes! But there are a few ground rules that dermatologists recommend. These rules are to help you avoid a flare-up when you use self tan and skin care products, while […]

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How To Apply Self Tanner To Your Face

When it comes to self-tanning the face, we’ll admit that it can feel intimidating to slather a bronzing agent on your face. And the best practices for how to apply self tanner to your face, can be hard to lurk. But we think that we have. Below, we break down everything you need to know on how to […]

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How To Self Tan Your Neck

Have you had problems with using a spray tan and experiencing streaks at the neck? And now you are wondering how to apply self tan without getting streaks at the neck? How to self tan the face and neck is slightly different than from the rest of the body. You move your head around often. Up and down, left […]

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How To Self Tan Your Hands

A big part of the success of how to apply self tanner to hands is in the preparation and the application. It’s basically the same advice that counts for how to self tan hands and feet. By ensuring that you do the correct application and preparation, you will achieve a perfectly bronzed tan, and keep your skin hydrated […]

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How To Self Tan Your Feet

A big part of being successful in how to apply self tanners to your feet, is in the preparation and the application. By ensuring that you do the correct application and preparation, you will achieve a perfectly bronzed tan. And furthermore, you will also keep your skin hydrated and protected. In the following we’re presenting different […]

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How To Apply Self Tanners Evenly

If you’re new to self tanners… Have you also previously been unlucky with self tanners or still just isn’t feeling too comfortable with them? Don’t worry… A perfectly even, natural-looking self tan is doable with the help of some smart prep steps and a small arsenal of skin-care products, some of which you might already […]

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What Are Tanning Drops?

Why are self tanning drops a game changer? If you are naturally pale (as the writer of this post), but loves to look tanned – how do you solve this ‘issue’? Self tanning is products are really my only safe option. I have a tendency to look dull – especially during the colder months. But […]

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Natural Looking Self Tan for Light and Fairer Skin

We are all different – and so is our skin. So when you use high quality self tanners made from DHA, like Boë’s, it is actually important to take your skin into consideration, when you want to obtain a naturally looking, tanned skin. The tan you get from Boë’s self tanners is created by your […]

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